Easy Learning of how to pick an engagement ring style

One of the most exciting moments is already behind. A confession is made, a heart fluttered out of her chest, words were mixed up, an absurd stutter appeared, but her eyes shining with love reassured, and her affirmative answer enthralled. It seemed to you that you took off the ground, that she, her love, gave you wings.

One way to try to understand your future bride’s taste for the engagement ring is to understand what style describes it and how to pick an engagement ring style. What she wears, likes to wear and also a little of her own personality can help to eliminate some risks when choosing the perfect engagement ring for your marriage proposal.

Understanding a little of her style can help you find the perfect engagement ring. After all, there are many designs and variations available: yellow or white gold, large or small diamond, solitaire ring or diamonds on the rim. Therefore, insecurity at this time is natural.

We offer you a useful guide to buying the perfect engagement ring

  1. Cut

The cut determines the quality of the cut of the diamond itself, its polishing and polishing. The experts evaluate diamond cuts at four levels: Excellent, Very Good, Satisfactory, and Bad. Look for a well-cut diamond in the range from “Excellent” to “Very Good,” which works best with light. A balanced ratio of length to width can make a stone appear larger than its actual size.

  1. Color

The colors of diamonds range from D to Z, where D is completely colorless and Z is light yellow. The shape of a diamond can influence what characteristic it falls into on a color scale. A round diamond, like a cushion, hides color better than longer shapes like an oval.

  1. Clarity

Clarity refers to the number of natural defects in a diamond and whether they can be seen with the naked eye. Diamonds are rated “Flawless” (FL) to “Inclusion” (I) on the authorized grading scale. The most important factor is how the diamond looks, not its rating. Stick to the upper border of the color scale and the lower border of the transparency scale for a quality diamond for a lower price.

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  1. Carat

A carat refers to the actual weight of a diamond – the more carats, the more expensive the stone. Some stones may look larger than carat suggests, due to their size. A carat is less important than slice, color, or transparency because it determines weight, not size.

  1. Fluorescence

Fluorescence describes the visible glow of diamond in ultraviolet light. The fluorescence level of the stone varies from “No” to “Very Strong”. Combining a medium fluorescence diamond with an average balance of the other four indicators can save you money and help you choosing an wedding ring in a perfect way.